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Placing order

 Order placing can be done through the online system. To get there, click the Order button on the website or click the link in the footer of e-mail correspondence. First step is to fill out the form, log in to the system, enter customer data and data connected with transport. Having completed the order, information about the order goes to the shipper who accepts the order and sends the approval to the customer via email. This is your confirmation.

Goods loading

Having loaded the goods, the customer is informed about that via email. Any doubts are resolved immediately. Persons responsible are those that have been marked on the contact details.


From the moment of loading your goods, they are under the supervision of GPS so it is possible to track the route and other parameters. You can also receive a password to the telematics system to see the location of your goods. Thanks to that you always knows its position. At the same time you receive daily notifications via e-mail about the position of the car and the estimated time of arrival at the designated place of unloading.


After the completion of transport, in the event of a complaint , the customer reports it via an application form. You should click on the claim form and fill it out , taking into account all the points necessary and required by the insurer. After completing the form, email is sent to and a customer receives the confirmation.

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